Affiliate Marketing Motivation

What Did I Miss?

WOW it’s been a long time since I’ve posted! As a matter of fact, last time I posted I think I was 9 months ago from my hotel room in Zurich looking out over the city.

Anyway, that’s not the point. Things have gone absolutely crazy for me and my life has changed quite a bit since then BUT I never left the game. More or less I just put away ALL distractions and have been working on some VERY interesting projects over the last few months. Don’t worry, I won’t hold out on you, you’ll find out soon enough what I’m talking about.

In the works:

  • Some free tools for you guys to use on the site. I have become borderline obsessive with overdelivering lately and I go the extra mile to make sure I provide stuff you can actually USE and hopefully stuff you won’t find anywhere else (not for free anyway).
  • A couple BADASS wordpress plugins based off some custom functionality I have built into several of my sites recently. If you use WordPress and you make monies online, you’re gonna want this. These will be rolling out shortly. May have some free copies for a few folks…if you’re an experienced affiliate and you’d be interested in being a part of a focus group and giving a review, post a comment and I’ll see what I can make happen. Stay tuned.
  • An even more badass software platform that I’m going to keep under wraps for now. Let’s just say testing my ugly prototype version has been VERY successful for me, and I have spent several nights awake thinking of ways I can pack it full of features and functionality to save you time and make you more money. This will probably end up being a fully hosted solution, and at a price point for people who are serious about making huge money online and already have an idea of what they’re doing. I’ve got an itch to make this an invite only thing and I will probably only accept 10 or so users out the gate. I am currently performing stress testing and putting finishing touches on. I hope to make this available within the next month.

I leave you with a shot of the Lamborghini Aventador I photographed while visiting the Lamborghini Factory in St. Agata, Italy

Affiliate Marketing Motivation