Using Dynamic Tags with POF (Part 3): Dynamic Landing Pages

The long overdue final post in this series covers using  Plenty of Fish’s dynamic tags (also known as dynamic tokens) to create dynamic landing pages that can literally line your pockets with cash if done correctly. For this particular piece of the series, you will need to be comfortable moving around in the code of your lander.  Nothing scary I promise ;)

From the previous posts in this series you should already know how to pass the dynamic variables though the URL to your tracking link or landing pages. Quick refresher, add the desired tag, ie. {gender:default}, directly into the target URL on POF or in Mr. Green’s POF uploader as either a &c1= token, or your own custom token.

Custom token you say? Yessir (or ma’am).  This is where this gets powerful, big money-little work powerful — but since it doesn’t apply only to POF I will be covering it in a followup post.  But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, I want to make sure you understand how it works.

The Code

First of all, you are going to need to save your landers as .php files instead of .html — if you’re new to this sort of thing don’t worry, the only thing this does is tell your server to look for PHP code inside the page and process it. It won’t affect the HTML on the page at all.

Okay, so you’re passing these dynamic tags through the URL and you need your page to GRAB them and USE them in your copy. Now, let’s assume you are passive the {gender:default} token through the &c1= variable, and the age token through the c2 variable. You’ll want to paste this into the code of your landing page BEFORE the <html> tag. This should be the very first thing in your code:


This tells your page to GET the tokens that got passed through the url from the c1 and c2 variables and ASSIGN them to $gender and $age. Keep in mind, YOU define that the php variable is called, so it doesn’t HAVE to be $gender, it could be $g, $sex, $roflmao, you get the idea. Most of the time your lander is more targeted toward men or women anyway, so you can assign any available dynamic POF tag that will be useful to you on your lander or for tracking.

Now that we have grabbed the gender and age from the URL and stored them in a PHP variable, we can now echo that variable anywhere in the page. ANYWHERE. Want to insert the age somewhere? we have to do is use the following code to insert it:


So to use this in your header, instead of hard-coding “25 Year Old Men Wanted”  your code will say <h1><?=$age?> Year Old Men Wanted</h1>
A 25 year old visitor in this case will see
25 Year Old Men Wanted” while a 37 year old visitor will see, you guessed it: “37 Year Old Men Wanted“.

Now if you want to get really fancy, you can use the tag to modify an age RANGE. If you have segmented out a campaign across several age ranges (which I always recommend for testing), you can take your 45-49 age range and use &c2={age:default}-50 in the actual target url and now if a 47 year old male visits the page the header will read “47-50 Year Old Men Wanted”.

You can also of course use the dynamic POF tokens as way to geotarget on a state level which is pretty awesome. Instead of passing {gender:default} gender through &c1=, pass {state:default} and in the PHP code at the top of the page, assign the value to $state instead of $gender. Now you can call on it like this: <h1><?=$age?> Year Old <?=$state?> Men Wanted</h1> and your lander will now display “47-50 Year Old Texas Men Wanted“. If you are using State-level geotargeting this is great because it doesn’t rely on outside sources so there is no chance of affecting load time on your lander.

Now you can easily use any of POF’s tokens to dynamically change your landing page so that it speaks directly to your target demographic.

I am going to be covering some really advanced tactics on my next post that will show you some really evil tricks to dynamic landing pages that you can use for ANY traffic source including POF that will allow you to get even better CTR’s and boost your ROI.

Please feel free to post any questions or suggestions you have below.