What A Racist!

Interracial dating is one of what I consider the “Big 3″ when it comes niche dating angles. Although there is TONS of opportunity in the interracial dating space, it is also one of the hardest eggs to crack if you don’t understand your market since there are so many variables. I thought I’d share some information I found while researching.

OKCupid did some research based on response rates across various races between members of the opposite sex. The numbers are actually pretty interesting and can be used as a guide for predicting how your target demographic will respond to your dating creatives.

Here is what they found regarding the way females of a particular race respond to men of a particular race:


















So a few things stick out here:

  • Black WOMEN are the MOST responsive across the board
  • White MEN are the MOST responded to across the board
  • White, Asian, and Hispanic women seem to prefer white
    men much more than men of any other race

Now let’s take a look at how men respond:


















Observations here:

  • Men respond at almost twice the rate of women on average (kind of expected that)
  • Men respond the LEAST to black women (even black men!)
  • White men are the LEAST responsive across the board
  • Middle-eastern men are the MOST responsive across the board

Pretty interesting stuff here. The results of this research are useful as guides even beyond interracial targeting. For instance, middle-eastern men being the MOST responsive male race demographic? That wouldn’t have been my first guess. How many people are specifically targeting middle-eastern men? Testing creatives against this research could prove that you can actually increase profit by breaking down your campaigns and strategically bidding based on CTR and conversion by race.

Marriage Trends by Race

I also found some information that shows trends based on marriage statistics and they are also pretty interesting. Check this out:

  • In 73% of black/white marriages, the husband is black and the wife is white
  • In asian/white marriages it’s over 3 times more likely that the husband is white
  • Asian/black marriages are rare but it’s over 6 times more likely that the husband is black in these marriages
  • Asian men appear to prefer asian women in marriage, while asian women are more likely to marry outside their race.
  • Hispanic men and women are almost equal in their preferences to marry outside their race

So what does this all mean?

Well it means that even if this data doesn’t translate directly to the results you’ll see with advertising, it shows that there are HUGE biases in the interracial dating niche. Testing against these biases can mean the difference between a profitable campaign and a outright loser. Simple things like using creatives with black men targeting white women instead of the opposite can make or break your campaign.

On the bright side, when biases are very strong, you can expect reasonable consistency once you have the data – which usually means it’s easier to scale and your campaigns will last longer.

Please leave a comment and if you’d like to see the rest of the research data, check out the rest here:
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> LoveToKnow – Statistics on Interracial Dating