Doing What We Do.

If there’s one thing I’ve seen more than anything else in my career as an internet marketer, it’s random people that want to “do what you do”. Friends, family, etc. The truth is, this game can be “easy” once it “clicks” for some people, but it’s not for everybody. There are people out there who could simply never do this type of work, it’s just not in them. I know it’s good money, I know I work from home, but what is it that makes someone think they can do it just because I do? Does the title not sound boring enough? Not sound technical enough?

The fact is, those of us that do this – those of that live, breathe, eat, and sleep this – it is what we were created to do. I can’t count on my fingers and toes how many people I know that have asked me to teach them what I do, and I’ve even tried a few times. It’s never the exact same reason – but they always fail or give up before they even get started, and it’s hard for me to really truly understand that.

When you get down to it, there’s alot of reasons people fail at online marketing. Some people just don’t “get it” and you can’t find a way to break it down further than that. Some people are just too lazy. Some people just don’t have the drive. Some people don’t have the BALLS to lose a thousand dollars in a day to find something that can make them ten thousand by the end of the week.

All of that to say this:
If someone you personally know or speak to mentions that they want to get started, give them a few quick pointers, and tell them where they can go to start learning. Once they take some leaps of faith, then you can start to help them here and there. If it’s something they TRULY want and something they are actually capable of doing, they will be able to get to a certain point on their own, just like you did. Save yourself alot of time and headaches trying to “fast track” your friends, and let them learn similar to the way you did, through a genuine desire to do whatever it takes to make moneys online.