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Mobile Traffic – Stop The Bleeding

It’s a weird concept, but these days people use mobile phones least for what they were originally intended for. You know… making calls. The bulk of the time they are browsing the net or texting or playing Angry Birds or some scrabble or pictionary rip off like it’s the most badass thing since sliced bread. […]

Affiliate Marketing Motivation

What Did I Miss?

WOW it’s been a long time since I’ve posted! As a matter of fact, last time I posted I think I was 9 months ago from my hotel room in Zurich looking out over the city. Anyway, that’s not the point. Things have gone absolutely crazy for me and my life has changed quite a […]

CPV Lab Giveaway – We have a winner!

Congratulations 3dolla reader Daniel F. for winning our giveaway. I will be contacting you ASAP. Everyone else, thanks for your support and keep watching! I’ll be doing more fun things like this in the future.

CPV Lab Giveaway Update

Hello all. I have been having some issues with my PC but I will post the winner Monday the 19th. The winner will be chosen from the pool of users who ‘liked’ 3dolla as of the 16th. I am making this post from my phone. The winner will be posted here as well as on […]


Gender Blender

Shannon from Plenty of Fish has posted part 1 to what will hopefully be a never-ending series on how to engage female users. LOTS of you out there are only hitting 18-25 male traffic because it’s “easy”. Some of you are making BANK off bigger age groups and niche sets, but you’re still only hitting […]


Doing What We Do.

If there’s one thing I’ve seen more than anything else in my career as an internet marketer, it’s random people that want to “do what you do”. Friends, family, etc. The truth is, this game can be “easy” once it “clicks” for some people, but it’s not for everybody. There are people out there who […]


What A Racist!

Interracial dating is one of what I consider the “Big 3″ when it comes niche dating angles. Although there is TONS of opportunity in the interracial dating space, it is also one of the hardest eggs to crack if you don’t understand your market since there are so many variables. I thought I’d share some […]


Who Wants a Free Copy of CPVLab?

That’s right fellas. I’m giving away 1 free copy of CPVLab. I’m making it way too easy to win:   Locate the facebook widget on the side of this page as pictured below. Within the facebook widget, locate the like button. Click it. I know it’s quite an ordeal, but for your efforts I will […]


Your Dynamic Landing Pages Suck

So you’ve come up with a landing page that works on POF (or other traffic source). To boost your efficiency and test new demographics quicker, you’ve decided to make the landing page dynamic using variables that the advertiser has set up to pass things like age, gender, location, etc through to your page. Now you’re […]

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